Health & Safety


Health and Safety of our workers and clients at our architectural precast work sites is more important than anything else. Safety is no accident. We want to live as peacefully as you, and being in the construction industry, understand that even a small fault can lead to a huge loss. Hence we ensure that health and safety rules are strictly enforced and our workers retain their practical lessons from the company’s safety policies.

Our company complies with all legal and ethical duties to provide a healthy and safe work place for its employees. We are fully compliant with all legislative and regulatory requirements, thus your potential health and safety liabilities are greatly reduced.

A few important pointers from our Health and Safety policy:

 Hazard identification and control procedures all over the workplace.
 Listening to employees and implementing their valid ideas about enhancing safety.
 Periodical fault-checking of all equipment. Immediate replacement if necessitated.
 Supplying personal protective equipment and making it mandatory to wear.
 A comprehensive plan for emergencies is always ready.

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