Tile Brick


Traditional and contemporary precast thin bricks in a range of amazing colors and various sizes.

Our thin brick precast panels allow you more freedom in your design.  Whether you are trying to achieve a reclaimed heritage look or something more modern, casting in thin bricks from some of the world’s leading brick manufacturers allows you the ability to achieve the look you want and more importantly abide by city requirements.

Thin brick precast panels provides the advantage of 365 days of work, eliminates winter heating costs and promotes a quicker closure to the building envelope. Our resolute commitment to quality and craftsmanship, and the pursuit of our responsive team collaboration to bring you precast thin bricks that are as beautiful as they are durable.

Major benefits of precast thin bricks:

 Structurally sound
Available in different colors, shapes and textures
Very cost effective
Light weight, easy to install consistent quality product
Free of weep cavities and lintels
Stain resistant and color fast finish
Added cost savings by reducing construction time.

Our extensive catalogue of innovative and elegant thin bricks is designed by our skilled team of craftsmen who can fabricate a custom solution for your residence or commercial place, with the same quality and responsive service that you’ve come to expect from Global Precast Inc.

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